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exposing the SC Highway Patrol for not carrying a field breathalyzer device but yet we are 2nd in the nation for DUI fatalities.
light bulb moment anyone?!!
South Carolina does not want to enact "Kelli's law". why?
how THREE different state agencies can screw up (look the other way) the deaths of three minors.
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Friday, October 2, 2009

Truth for Angels

myspace will allow this photo as a DEFAULT for all to see

however, they will not allow this for an anti drunk driving poster, which is of MY daughter.

which is in a "friends only" album which is clearly marked "Graphic"

please sign this petition to change myspace's view of what makes a valued impact VS all the crap they allow on their site.


other samples of what they allow

thank you so much

Pam, still Kelli's mom @