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exposing the SC Highway Patrol for not carrying a field breathalyzer device but yet we are 2nd in the nation for DUI fatalities.
light bulb moment anyone?!!
South Carolina does not want to enact "Kelli's law". why?
how THREE different state agencies can screw up (look the other way) the deaths of three minors.
Barney Fife could have done a better job

Sunday, February 20, 2011

in loving memory or Kelli Laine

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  1. Kelli's Mom...

    Good to see you... posting. I'm not sure what the proper way is to recognize the memory of your daughter Kelli Lane is, so hope you accept my simple support for your continued message.

    Your blog is one of three listed at my blog. I would like to hear more, but understand that's your choice. I might consider posting the events that led to your daughter's death. And the aftermath, family feelings, more on frustration with SC law enforcement.